Overview- Project Fruandes Colombia

  • As the 1990s drew to a close, international coffee prices fell to an all-time low and many coffee farmers had difficulty making a living. Fortunately, tall fruit trees provide natural shade for the delicate coffee plants.
  • The company began to employ single mothers to process dried fruit and began to increasingly involve small farmers until the farmers and single working mothers became part of a value chain that brought added value to all parties involved.

Our commitment

Promotion of local capacities 

  • Development of sustainable farms for organic and fair trade production.
  • The knowledge and technical expertise is distributed to over 1000 farming families

Increase of local added value and economic feasibility 

  • Fruandes has built a factory to preserve the fruits and to keep the added value 100% at its origin.
  • The project is planning a composting plant for affordable and easy access to organic material.
  • It is the link for local producers to international markets – infrastructure and efficiency that would not be financially viable as a single producer.

Market orientation and long-term trade relations

  • Transfer of know-how for excellent quality to local farmers and support for traceability and certification.
  • Carrying out market research, technical advice on business development.
  • A link to markets

Organizational Development / Advocacy 

  • Improve the framework conditions for organic and fair trade for fruits in Colombia.
  • Publications in local and international media on the subject of organic and fair trade.

Our goals

  • By creating opportunities for marginalised communities such as single mothers and small farmers in rural and conflict-stricken areas, the project aims to lift these people out of poverty. The impact of the work affects not only the individuals with whom the project works directly but their entire communities.
  • Implement an agroforestry system to ensure food security and sustainable income for farmers.
  • Produce the biggest possible amount of healthy calories
  • Creating fair working conditions for female breadwinners, enabling them to gain independence, confidence and economic stability.
  • In Fruandes, 70% of the workers are women and 20% of the farmers in the farms are women.
  • To create an environment in which everyone can be proud of their work and achieve economic stability and growth.
  • Helping farmers to obtain organic certification, diversify their crops.
  • To employ women in the processing plants, thus giving them the opportunity to find stable and legal employment.
  • Agriculture is the primary economic activity in the region, there are no other value-added services in the region.
  • Framework conditions that ensure the greatest possible added value in Colombia.
  • 100% of the production is ecological, regenerative and fairly traded.
  • Minimisation of food waste along the value chain.
  • Combating food waste by preserving rapidly perishable food.
  • Implementation of processing plants using renewable energy and leading environmental practices.
  • This project will reforest over 600 hectares and capture many tonnes of carbon, creating a positive ecological footprint along the entire value chain.
  • Promotion of biodiversity through diversified biological agroforestry.




6 Departments: Antioquia, Cundinamarca, Tolima, Cauca, Narino, Hulia


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