Our commitment

The Pakka Foundation always works with local partners in the development and implementation of projects and focuses its support on the core components listed below. The promotion of local actors and capacities is crucial for achieving stable, long-term economic development in the regions. The combination and focus of the core components vary depending on the composition of the project consortium and the context.

Promotion of local capacities

Technical training and consultancy enable the improvement of productivity, quality and innovation along the production chain.
It is often a challenge to maintain a continuous supply of guidance and training for small farmers and enterprises, which is also economically sustainable and can be provided at a high quality level in rural areas.

Successful approaches require innovative financing models and often involve cooperation with local public research institutes and private service providers. The Pakka Foundation is committed to ensuring that these solutions can be applied to the entire sector and that they include modules on organic farming and processing.

Market focus & long-term trade relations

Production must always be aware of the market and its characteristics and conditions. Excellent quality, traceability and certified sustainability (organic & fair trade) is crucial for successful entry into established markets. This requires measures and awareness-raising work along the entire value chain. Long-term trade relations enable the players in young value chains to grow and to anticipate future business developments more concretely.

The Pakka Foundation sees itself as an ambassador for this – unfortunately, this is a rarity in the raw materials trade.

Increasing local added value

The processing of raw materials not only enables better export opportunities but also creates jobs and know-how. Particularly in rural and economically disadvantaged areas, local value creation offers the prospect of a regular income.

The investments required for this are significant and require proof of economic feasibility in order to win the confidence of private local and international companies and investors.
The Pakka Foundation supports local actors in the development of a sound and market-oriented analysis.

Organisational Development / Advocacy

Connected and united, it is easier to get things moving and to attract attention to common needs and interests. The Pakka Foundation supports and accompanies the actors in finding a “suitable form of organisation” and a “common voice”.

Das Ziel

The goal

The aim of the Pakka Foundation is to support environmentally, socially and economically sustainable value chains. Sustainable methods are promoted at every stage of this value-added process: From agricultural production, processing and refinement to distribution to the end customer.

Our approach and framework

In order for the Pakka Foundation’s project investments to be self-sustaining in the long term, it is of central importance that we first understand the market system and gear our solutions accordingly. The guiding framework for our approach and actions is the Market Systems Development approach (Springfield Centre, BeamExchange.org).

We put the target group – i.e. the smallholder cooperatives and local processors – in the context of the entire market system and its actors. This enables us to understand the reasons for the lack of success of a value chain and to develop dynamic solutions. The role of the Pakka Foundation is that of a “facilitator/mediator” and is located outside of such a market system. The Pakka Foundation intends to bring about long-term, system-relevant changes with a major impact.

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