• Improve the framework conditions to improve the living conditions of the rural population and small farmers, especially women being higher than the living income. Guarantee big and strong cooperative to attain their goals

# FT Premium growth/stagnation > 0%/year, # 100> farmers/project #>living income

  • more healthy calories production
  • Promoting diversified cultivation and diets among small farmers

 # crops > 10/farmer  100% diversified production #>more healthy calories production/year


  • Targeted support for the proportion of women in agriculture
  • Push proportion of women in management positions

# women in companies >50%, # women farmer: >50%

  • Create framework conditions so that as much added value as possible remains in the country of origin

# 100% Local value addition (semi-processed) #>15% Local value addition (finished)


  • Produce as much as possible in organic and fair trade quality
  • Zero food waste along the value chain
  • Ensure that all our partners dispose of wastewater and waste appropriately

# 100% organic certified, #0 food waste along the value chain, # 100% Water & waste recycling

  • Ensure a positive ecological footprint for the entire value chain
  • Ensure that all our partners use renewable energy

# 100% CO2 Neutral. #100% Renewable Energy

  • Promoting biodiversity through biologically diversified agroforestry
  • Addressing biodiversity loss through small-scale agriculture

# 100% diverse Agro-Forestry Systems

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