Overview Project Ghana Felchlin – Expansion of organic and fair trade cocoa in Ghana

  • Ghana is the second-largest cocoa producer and – especially since the political unrest in Côte d’Ivoire – a key country for satisfying the growing global demand for cocoa. However, the expansion of cocoa production in Ghana is associated with many problems related to sustainability: The expansion is expected to take place mainly in the newer plantation areas in western Ghana, where high-tech, input-intensive cocoa production without shade trees predominates.
  • Productivity increases are seen as the main pillar for this goal, although this may mean a burden on the environment and people with agrochemicals. Use of obsolete and highly toxic pesticides and corresponding contamination. Furthermore, the omnipresent problems of deforestation and working conditions are also of great importance for the Ghanaian cocoa industry.
  • The aim of the project was to increase organic and fair trade production and to link it to the Swiss market.

Our commitment

Promotion of local capacities

  • provide tools and training in the areas of biological productivity, quality, sustainability and technology to improve traceability along the entire cocoa value chain
  • Increase yields, cocoa premiums and farmers’ strengths through training, networking and certification

 Increase of local added value and economic feasibility

  • Supporting the expansion of local value creation through know-how and framework conditions
  • Connection to Felchlin, a Swiss premium company, to achieve the best prices

Market orientation and long-term trade relations

  • Know-how to produce excellent quality and support you in traceability and certification
  • Conducting market research, technical advice on business development

Organizational development / Advocacy

  • Improving the framework conditions for organic and UTZ in Ghana
    • i.e. cooperation with the forestry commission and various publications in newspapers


Partners and Donors


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